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Saving Lives, One Mammogram at a Time.

About Achieving Quality Imaging

Achieving Quality Imaging offers initial training in mammography seminars and continuing education courses in mammography in various cities throughout the United States.  Entering our 18th year of operation, we are pleased to offer seminars and courses on initial training in mammography, digital mammography, breast imaging, and breast tomosynthesis, as well as workshops on positioning.

We are proud to serve radiologic technologists and radiologists throughout the world.

MTMI Affiliation

Achieving Quality Imaging is pleased to announce that we are now a subsidiary of Medical Technology Management Institute (MTMI). Learn more.

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Our Seminars

Our mammography training courses cover all aspects pertaining to Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) training and the ARRT Mammography examination as well as the California Certification Exam in Mammography.  Our instructors have combined experience of well over 100 years in the mammography field, and are all extremely dedicated to enriching the education received by our Radiologic Technologists cross-training in mammography and for those mammography technologists in need of continuing education.

Our Mission

At Achieving Quality Imaging, our goal is to provide meaningful radiology training in mammography by augmenting the knowledge and skills of our seminar participants. In doing so, we hope to positively impact the life saving quality of their every day work.

Our objective is for you to leave our mammography courses with not only the skills and knowledge needed to enter the field, but with a passion to make a difference as a radiologic technologist in the battle against Breast Cancer!

We are confident in saying that our mammography training courses will not only help you pass the mammography boards but your experience with us will enrich and inspire you to greater levels in the mammography field.

Together, we can help to find early breast cancer!

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Achieving Quality Imaging is pleased to announce that we are now affiliated with Medical Technology Management Institute (MTMI). Learn More