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Saving Lives, One Mammogram at a Time.

Comments From Our Attendees

“I have learned so much and feel really good about being a mammographer! Thank you!”
Katarina Garay
Tucson, AZ

“Excellent class!Very personable!”
Melissa Kasselder
Ewing, NE

“This was even more than I expected!  I will be recommending this course to all of my previous instructors from X-Ray school!”
Aimee’ Allen
Downsville, LA

“This is a great course to learn the ins and outs of mammography!”
Sebring, FL

“This whole course was very beneficial.  They describe mammography concepts into easier concepts to make it easy to understand!”
Amber Stiers
Marco Island, FL

“The course was absolutely amazing!  Excellent instructors!  I learned so much in a short period of time and the instructors make you feel very comfortable!”
Vanessa Gray
St. Cloud, FL

“Kathy and Shelly are amazing!  I am so pleased with Achieving Quality Imaging!  After this week, I am anxious to get my career with mammography underway and start saving lives!  Thank you!!
Amanda Fitzgerald
Jacksonville, FL

“Excellent!  Because it was a very informative class that will really help me to review and prepare for the Board Exam.Thank you Kathy, Shelly & Robin for sharing your knowledge!”
Rose Sian
Fontana, CA

“This was an amazing course that greatly exceeded all my expectations! The instructors are very thorough and care about each individual in the class granting special attention to any and all that need it. The program set-up makes all students feel comfortable inside as well as outside the classroom making it a fun experience even for those who traveled alone. Class participation and sufficient breaks keep your mind focused and refreshed. The relaxed learning environment personally helped me to retain information better. My favorite, and probably most important, aspect of the program was the genuine passion for mammography the instructors try to instill in each student and the huge difference we can make in the lives of patients, their family, and friends. I highly recommend this to anyone who even has the slightest interest in mammography. I feel this course has swayed my future (for the better) and I can't wait to further my career in this field!”
Orange, CA

“This course was nothing short of amazing! I felt the classes were informative and wonderfully taught. I had a blast at the location even if I did have a little bit too much fun! If you ever need to hire someone down the road please think of me, as I would love to be a part of such an inspiring team. I will also be telling everyone I know to come to your seminar! I can also guarantee I will be back for CE credits down the line :)”
Sarah Munson
Missoula, MT

 "Achieving Quality Imaging is an excellent introduction into the world of mammography. This program is informative and fun! The instructors are thoughtful, caring, and enthusiastic; giving each student the tools they need to succeed. I enjoyed my experience with them so much that I would definitely return to them for my continuing educational needs. Thank you!”
Hug Hubina
Cypress, CA

"Great conference!Informative both textbook wise as well as 'real world' expectations.  "Shelly is informative and entertaining in her lectures!
Kathy is so caring of your well-being while you are attending the conference.
Hard work, attendance and attention are expected from both ladies, but also fun is expected after each day! Thank you for inspiring!”
Desiree Partida
East Palo Alto, CA

“Loved the course! Kathy makes it fun, don’t worry about coming alone!”
Catherine Whitford
Sherman Oaks, CA

“This course was informative and enjoyable.  All the instructors are so passionate about mammography.  It is awesome!!”
Traci Penneau
Loma Linda, CA

“AQI is a great way to learn mammography!  I felt right at home and left AQI very confident!!  Excited to get back to work and begin my mammography career!!  Great instructors with enthusiasm made learning fun!!”
Kami Wolf
Rapid City, SD

“Wonderful course with wonderful teachers!So much fun and education!”
Nikki Willis
Chillicothe, OH

“This program has been great! I have learned so much and the instructors each presented their material so it was easy to understand.  Thank you!”
Nadine Madrazo
Boulder City, NV

“Shelly kept my attention with interesting pictures following certain slides to help better understand topics, the pace of the course is good – not too fast, not too slow.  Overall a great course! Very satisfied with this course!”
Bronwyn Trahan
Baton Rouge, LA

“This course was very educational and well planned. The information was straight forward and was taught in a very understandable way.  I highly recommend this course!  Such a great learning experience!”
Madison Babin
Gonzales, LA

“This course changed my frame of mind.  I think I will stay in mammography for the long run now!  Instructors are so knowledgeable, so passionate.  It’s amazing to understand the impact mammographers have in the world! Thank you for a fabulous week!  It’s been the best in my career by far!”
Annabella Rosales

“Completely loved the class!  I have a better understanding of how important it is to be a technologist.  I already loved my job and now I am in love with my job!  Thank you for all of your knowledge.  I hope to one day be as good as all of you guys!”
Liliana Garcia
San Jacinto, CA

“Wonderful course, Great information!!”
Tracy Earle
Ceres, CA

“Great program.Very well organized with a friendly and relaxed environment.  Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Couldn’t ask for a better program!!!  Lots of fun!!”
Meredith Huth
Randolph, OH

“Very enjoyable course.  Instructors were all great and very informative.  I feel confident about what I’ve learned here to be able to translate it into my career as a mammography tech.”
Melissa Hernandez
Yuba City, CA

“A lot of information, but presented in a very good way.  Love when it’s interactive and the jokes are awesome.  Very informative, and I will recommend it to other techs!”
Theresa Griego
Albuquerque, NM

“So grateful for all of the knowledge I learned.  Thanks ladies for a lifetime of great memories and skills.  AQI rocks!!!”
Samantha Moyers
El Cajon, CA

“You guys were amazing teachers and I feel 100% confident that I will pass my boards and go on to provide better patient care due to your program!  Thank you so much!!”
Ashton Conyers
Laramie, WY

“The teachers are very personable and kind.  They made sure we understood everything before moving on.  Had an overall great experience!”
Amanda Milliman
Peoria, IL

“Both instructors are amazing!  The passion they have for the importance of the job shows in the quality of the teaching! I feel fully prepared to begin in mammography!”
Jennifer Keeler-Harfoush
Manassas Park, VA

“I would highly recommend this program!  It was very informative and they kept us involved and interested!  Loved it!!  Thank you so much!”
Krystal Spears
Woodbridge, VA

“This was an excellent course to take for training in mammography.  We weren’t sitting here reading and listening, we were included in demonstrations.  I feel much better about going back to work and starting in mammography.  Shelly and Kathy are two awesome instructors, who it seems, want us all to soar in this field!  Thank you for making this easier for us to help others through mammography!”
Cassie Domingues
New Iberia, LA

“Great course, can’t beat a 4 day course with excellent information, speakers and content!
Best way to get initial mammo training!!”
Melissa Curtin
Rutherford, NJ

“I highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in mammo!  By the end of the week I feel like part of a family!  Kathy and Shelly are amazing, you feel so comfortable!  They really are interested in everyone.  It reminds me of my X-Ray program.  You get so much information, I feel ready to go into this modality and save lives!!  As much as I loved it and loved learning about mammo, my favorite parts were getting to know people from all over the country and world! My advice to anyone wondering whether to attend or do online….you must attend!  Otherwise you will miss out on so much!!”
Sandra Scott-Davis
Yonkers, NY

“Overall, a great course! This covers a huge amount of material to introduce you into the world of mammography.  Very helpful, friendly staff who make you feel very comfortable as beginners, learning something very new.  I’m glad I came to this and would highly recommend this program!  Thank you for all of the snacks and extra TLC you gave us, it was wonderful!”
Susan Thomas
Tell City, IN

“I entered this course having little knowledge about mammography and I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge! Shelly and Kathy explained each topic in detail and were more than willing to answer questions. I really liked the demonstrations.  I am a visual learner so I found those very helpful.  I would definitely recommend this course to beginning and experienced technologists!”
Lauren Porter
Okmulgee, OK

“This seminar was excellent. These ladies have a ton of knowledge and experience.  The course is well organized and very well presented.  I was never bored and the information was very easy to understand!”
Lisa Hill
Golden, CO

“If I could describe how much I enjoyed the experience here learning about mammography, I would create two words: ‘FANTASTICAL’ and ‘AWESOMENESS’!! Kathy and Shelly are the most caring, sweetest instructors you will ever meet!  I really appreciate the positioning workshop I had with Shelly.  She was extremely thorough and helpful! Kathy was always making sure everybody’s needs were taken care of including snacks, activities for anyone who was alone and great detailed information on where to go and what to eat during your stay.  Overall, these two ladies were very entertaining! They went above and beyond!!!”
Nancy Nguyen
Diberville, MS

“I wasn’t sure what to expect coming to this course. But now I am so glad I did! I feel like I am more prepared for the registry and becoming a mammo tech in general.  I learned great positioning techniques and tips and the hands on workshop was great practice! It really helps to be able to get in there and do it on an actual person.  You can read about positioning and watch it, but until you actually get in there and do it yourself on a person you never fully learn what and what not to do!”
Courtney Vaughn
St Joseph, MO

“I am so glad I came to the AQI Mammography course!  Kathy and Shelly make the information so much more interesting by saying funny jokes and doing demonstrations. I learned the most out of the positioning workshop because it was a small group, hands on,
And a mammo tech came in to teach it.  I’m glad there was an explanation on MQSA regulations and how to apply for the boards.  I was very confused about that before coming this course.”
Kristen Borquez
Hesperia, CA

“Very informative and helpful!  So glad I took the extra time to come to a physical course!  I would have only cheated myself by taking it online!”
Lyndsey Riggers
Las Vegas, NV

“Wonderful instructors!  Awesome class! Great content! Friends were made! Who could ask for more?!?”
Angie Phillips
Rogers, AR

“Awesome, informative and Fun!!”  Well rounded classes, with great explanations!  Great prep for boards!”
Carolyn Havekotte
York, PA

“The week was Awesome!!!  Learned a lot!  Laughed a lot!  Great!! This was such a great experience.  Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and expertise on mammography!  I am excited to get into the field!!  Thank you!!!”
Victoria Street
Sun City West, AZ

“Highly recommend this course.  Hands on experience that you will not get any place else!  Great instructors to help answer any concerns or questions you might have! You will learn a lot more with interactions with other techs than out of just a text book or online course!”
Louise Schueller
Newark, CA

“ I am so glad I came to this course!  Not only do I feel ready to go out and conquer my mammography career, I made great friends!  They were also very sensitive to those of us that were here alone!”
Sarah Placzkowski
Apex, NC

“I loved this class! I learned a ton and the instructors made all of that information fun! The instructors are great at helping everyone feel included and ensuring that the overall seminar experience is good!  I have never been to a seminar where the instructors were as concerned that each student was having a good time outside of class and learning everything possible in class.  LOVED IT!”
Kelly Gagner
Las Vegas, NV

“This course was awesome!  Kathy and Shelly are wonderful teachers with lots of knowledge on mammography!  I would highly recommend this course!”
Charlie Williams
Yulee, FL

“Had a wonderful learning experience.  I learned a lot!  Very informative!  All of my fears and questions were answered!”
Kittima Begier
Jacksonville, FL

“This was a wonderful learning experience.  I would recommend this seminar to anyone who is interested in mammography!  Great instructors, very knowledgeable and friendly!”
Laurie Carrico
Springfield, KY

“Very informative!  Felt this course gave me above and beyond all of the information needed to become a mammo tech and also the tools to obtain board certification.”
Tamra O’Bryan
Springfield, KY

“Great course ~ learned a lot!  Lots of great information!  I feel confident to go do mammograms after taking this course!”
Angie Paschke
Marquette, NE

“The instructors have so much compassion and enthusiasm.  I really felt like I was welcomed into a sisterhood, not just a new career!  Thank you so much!!”
Shannon Bridgewater
Yucaipa, CA

“This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  I am more than sure that I want to work in mammography after attending this seminar. The brilliance and passion of all three seminar instructors encourages me to work toward someday teaching other techs that are interested in entering this modality!”
Sara Manion
Platte City, MO

“I learned so much and was truly inspired!  Thank you!!”
Kris Yelencsics
Edison, NJ

“I enjoyed this course, everyone was great!  I feel very confident about taking the exam. I also want to thank Linda for answering all of my questions and  being so helpful in getting me registered!”
Ramona Botello
San Bernardino, CA

“Excellent seminar!  A lot of wonderful information!  Awesome lectures!  I had a great time and learned so much.  Very glad I chose this company.  Thank you for a wonderful week!”
Brianne Castro
Dexter,  NY

“Enjoyed the presentation of the materials and the speakers!
I’m leaving with the Power of Pink!!”
Mary Jo Dvorak
New Richmond, WI

“This course exceeded my expectations.  I have only heard comments about the competitor course and I can’t wait to tell everyone about AQI!  Great job ~ the presenters are very passionate about their work and about their students!  Thank you!!”
Carol Martini
Epping, NH

“Very informative training.  Very clear explanations.  Fun and enjoyable!  I would recommend this training to my friends!”
Sandra Galindo
Covina, CA

“AQI has been so fun!  I’ve learned so much and have met so many great ladies!  The instructors have got me so excited to join the mammography culture and allow me to help make a difference in so many wonderful ladies’ lives!  Shelly is so great to listen to!  Uses time well, presentations put together awesome and information relevant.  Just loved all of Kathy’s lectures!  Thanks for all that you’ve done and taught us! I would and will recommend this course to everyone!”
Angie White
Roy, UT

“Every teacher we had has been amazing women full of knowledge!  This has been such a wonderful experience!”
Savannah Sicilio
Marietta, NY

“AQI taught me everything I needed to know about mammography in an informative and creative manner.  I enjoyed all 3 instructors and their teaching methods.  Kathy, Shelly and Wendy are so enthusiastic about the field of mammography and their enthusiasm is truly contagious!  I’m excited to put what I learned into practice!”
Betsy Kerns
Yucaipa, CA

“Thank you so much for all you do!  This was a great way to begin a mammography career and help women!”
Nikki Dodds
Fort Collins, CO

“Very informative and easy to follow!”
Mindi Jackson
Waterville, OH

“Most definitely going to join this class again within two years!  Enjoyed this course and looking forward to coming back! All information given by all instructors is very helpful and helps me improve my techniques, positioning and especially critiquing my films at such a remote Island with no radiologist reading our films.”
Togiimoana Montgomery-West
Pago Pago, American Samoa

“From the first day to the last day, everything went well.  AQI did a really good job! Hope to see you guys at another conference.  I would love to keep coming and coming for the next few years, because I do really enjoy it!  Thank you both Shelly and Kathy!
Thanks for all you have done for us!  I appreciate it!  May God continue to bless you and your family!”
Pago Pago, American Samoa

“This program had explained mammography and what it’s all about very clearly and very easy to understand.  I enjoyed this class.  Very excellent program!!!”
Marysville, CA

“This course had so much information to give us and such great people to deliver it!  I really enjoyed that everyone took time to explain everything.  Thanks for the wonderful experience!  I cannot wait to start doing mammos!”
Katie Hadler
Edgerton, MN

“This was an excellent course.  I came in knowing very little about mammo and I feel very well educated about it now!  So glad I picked this course.  Instructors were amazing!  I feel ready for the field of mammo and my mammo board test too!”
Nicole Johnson

“Amazing seminar!  The instructors were awesome!  They are willing to share all experiences they’ve had.  Extremely informative course!  Now I feel prepared to venture into the world of mammography!”
Sonya Aleksandrova-Holcomb
Elko, NV

“All the material was covered thoroughly but the hidden strength of this program is the passion for the profession and high regard for the patient that is shared by the instructors.  We have learned far more than just the facts needed to pass the board exam!” 
Cathy Fuhs
Rochester, MN

“All 3 speakers have a vast knowledge and passion for what they teach.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to take me through this educational journey and learn from!  Throughout the week I’ve laughed and have also been brought to tears due to the great teaching techniques and passion for the field that the speakers shared.  I hope in years to come I can continue to learn about this great field and become as knowledgeable as they are.  Kathy made me feel less nervous about being here alone.  She is a wonderful host and treated each one of us as her own.  It was awesome to be taught by such educated women.  I actually stayed awake thru all of the lectures!”
Desiree Lucero
Pueblo, CO

“Truly the best seminar that I’ve ever been to.  The speakers are extremely knowledgeable and also practical.  They are caring, considerate and make the whole experience comfortable and informative!”
Jewel Witt
Flint, TX

“This course provides an encompassing overview of mammography and all of its components.  The speakers were very knowledgeable and they did a great job of delivering all of the information!”
Cassidi Parker
Denver, CO

“Very informative!  Speakers did a great job making the information clear.  I feel I will have all of the information I need to study and prepare for the boards and also to do my job!”
Stephanie Crace
Caledonia, MI

“I had a great experience at AQI!  There is a real warmth and connection in the class.  Everyone is so passionate about what they do and spreading their knowledge!”
Beverly Hills, CA

“Shelly is a great instructor!  I admire her amount of knowledge, experience and most of all passion for mammography!  If I could choose a facility to learn as well as work at, I would want it be at hers with her!!”
Sasha Sidwell
Kennewick, WA

“Thank you so much for a fun, knowledgeable experience!  I loved everything, especially the pictures!!  I will refer this program to any of those who have an interest in mammo.  I learned so much!  You guys are great educators!!”
Geri Delgado
Pueblo, CO

“This course was very helpful, especially for techs just starting out in the mammography field.  It has lots of great information for techs getting ready to set up a new facility also.
I absolutely loved the presentations.  Kathy made it very fun throughout the day and really helped me understand QC.  It is very helpful because we are just starting to get set up for mammo at our facility so I have a better understanding of what is needed for QC.”
Cassandra Reiser
O’Neill, NE

“Very good course!  I learned so much in a short period of time!  They made the classes as fun as possible.  I feel comfortable taking my boards!”
Brittany Jackson
Cincinnati, OH

“I was worried about going to this course without knowing anything about mammo or even seeing a mammo!  But, Shelly and Kathy are phenomenal and this course is one I would highly recommend to anyone interested and wanting to excel in mammography!”
Andrea Thayn
Pocatello, ID

“I loved this course!  The hands on experience is essential and so informative.  The personal experience the educators and lecturers have in invaluable!”
Connie Fritz
Moore, OK

“Great course!  I am leaving with a much broader understanding of all aspects of mammography and a renewed desire to be an excellent technologist!”
Kathy Howarth
Bonners Ferry, ID

“I enjoyed the classes and I feel I got a lot out of the lectures.  Hopefully I can retain all I learned and take my boards.  Now I will also go and get a mammo too!”
Debra Ramos
Yucaipa, CA

“Shelly’s brain is full of so much knowledge that she she is so willing to share! She’s amazing!  Kathy is friendly and made everyone feel comfortable.  They both went above and beyond themselves to make this a great experience.  Thank you for your guidance into the mammo world!”
Candace Cordova
Los Angeles, CA

“Very informative information that is conducted in a clear, concise manner.  It is easy for the everyday technologist to understand.  Uses great examples and analogies to help remember information that could very well be on the boards.”
Rachel Taylor
Ventura, CA

“Beyond expectations!  Kathy and Shelly were such amazing teachers, so easy to follow!!”
Mea Gray
Temecula, CA

“Excellent 4 day training!  Very, very informative, even the harder subjects, like physics was explained well!  Image critique was excellent!  It was definitely worth the trip from Bermuda!  Thank you!  Kudos!!
Elizabeth Richardson
Devonshire, Bermuda

“The seminar was excellent!  Shelly and Kathy know how to teach!  They keep everything simple so that you can understand it all and cover a lot of information in a short time.  I am so happy that I took this course!  The positioning  workshop was great and having the option to perform 25 supervised mammograms was a bonus!  Thanks!!”
Jeanne LaForge
San Diego, CA

“The entire course was great!  I felt like the material was well covered and very understandable!  The days flew by instead of dragging on.  After the course I feel confident about taking my boards!”
Tanji Baxter
Beaver, UT

“I have went to all 4 days of the training and the digital and have had the best experience!  Both Shelly and Kathy are great teachers and kept us going and interested the entire time.  I feel like this class is great and well worth the time.  It completely prepares you for the field just as well as any university program!  Thank you!”
Jillian Reeder
Heber City, UT

“The speakers were both great!  Kathy was really nice and caring with all of us!”
Lorena Wilson
Anchorage, AK

“This program is a wonderful way to learn mammography!  The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and funny!  I learned a lot and really enjoyed myself while doing so!  Thank you!!”
Marty Davis
Dublin, OH

“I thought the classes were very educational and made me feel very prepared to begin doing mammograms!”
Megan Auffert
Maryville, MO

“This course was very informative!  Kathy and Shelly are so intelligent in what they teach and make learning the information so fun!  Thanks for such a GREAT week! I feel so much more confident with the positioning and training!”
Sarah Thompson
Elmo, MO

“This program is the best board review class ever!  I feel completely comfortable with taking my boards now!  Thank you!!”
Laura Keller
Harrisburg, IL

“For anyone traveling alone I would absolutely recommend this course.  Kathy makes a huge effort to get everyone together and you end up meeting new people and making lots of friends.  I had a great experience from registration on the phone to the last day of the course!  Thank you!!”
Christie Beauchamp
Belleville, NJ

“Kathy and Shelly love what they do and it showed daily!  This has been such a great experience for me and they have given me a great hope to the future!  I learned a lot of
Information!  Thank you!!
Akia Byrd
Chicago, IL

“This class has been a terrific learning opportunity!  Thank you so much!  The set-up of the program, especially real life experiences, have been the best learning tool!  I’m so glad I chose AQI!!”
Meagan Stockmeyer
Vassar, MI

“This seminar was very informative!  All the information was very helpful and the instructors made the topic very interesting!”  Thank you!”
Jacqueline Zartuche
Hammond, IN

“I loved the course!  It absolutely exceeded all of my expectations! I am leaving here with the knowledge and confidence to pass the boards!  Kathy made it very easy for those who traveled by themselves to meet new people.  I personally have met some amazing people here and formed some relationships that I hope to keep for a long time.  Planning this trip was made very easy because of Linda.  She was extremely helpful on the phone!
I would 100% recommend this program to another person!  Thank you for everything!”
Danielle Scognamiglio
Bloomingdale, NJ

“Very thorough course, thank you!  Great people who really know their subject!”
Lisa Fleming
Munster, IN

“Wonderful week filled with women who are passionate about what they do! The classes are extremely helpful and informative. Thank you for helping us get to know each other and spend time together ~ it makes time go by fast and it is fun getting to know new people.”
Clarissa Kotz
Iowa City, IA

“I strongly recommend this course! Not only is it very informative, but also very welcoming and friendly.  I came alone and worried, but left with new friends and a smile on my face.  Kathy, thank you so much for your sincerity!”
Rosebud, SD

“At first I was unsure if this program was for me…but after further research I realized there’s no better place for me!  I’m so happy to have experienced this seminar, meeting so many great people and learning so much, everything I need!  All I can say is thank you…thank you….for changing my life!!”
Kathy Gorman
South Plainfield, NJ

“It’s Friday and this course is nearing its end.  I’m really sad, because I enjoyed everything and everyone!  Kathy and Shelly are WONDERFUL!!  I really learned a lot!
There is no doubt that this is THE BEST mammography training course.  Kathy and Shelly embrace the class on a professional and personal level and they make you soooo comfortable!  If you’re looking for knowledgeable, compassionate teachers, then AQI is the way to go!!”
Kimberly Cockrell
Selma, AL

“Great Class!  I feel very prepared to perform mammograms!”
Sheena Shifko
Chillicothe, OH

“This course is the ideal atmosphere to transition into the world of mammography.  Both Shelly and Kathy are effective instructors and have a natural knack to make the material easily understandable!”
Sarah O’Gradney
St. Petersburg, FL

“I had such a wonderful time at this training course.  Both Kathy and Shelly are wonderful people and teachers!  I learned so much at this course!”
Barnet, VT

“I felt more prepared leaving this program than I would have after a 4 month
Sara Wassell
Charleston, SC

“I feel very prepared for the boards!  Thanks for all of the time and effort.  Will recommend this course to many!!”
Valerie Ruhenkamp
Fort Loramie, OH

“This class and its teachers are awesome!  I have learned so much in such a short time. I would highly recommend this course!”
Christine Mobley
Summerville, SC

“I have learned so much and the prep class makes me feel confident that I will have success on the certification test!”
Emily Draper
Bethlehem, GA

“Shelly and Kathy are excellent instructors!  Very informative and funny!  Great course!!”
Jen Murphy
Emporia, KS

“Amazing! This seminar was beyond my expectations.  Very organized lectures and very informative! I especially liked the workshops with Diana.  Very patient, kind and makes great pointers.  Thank you for making this a wonderful experience!  I will never forget!”
Germania Fleurmont
Fords, NJ

“Kathy, Shelly, Ana and Robin are awesome!  They did a great job making the seminar as fun as can be.  Kathy went out of her way to help all of us friend each other. Also, Linda in the office was SO helpful with what I needed to do.  What I could do on my own and what AQI could help me with.  I really valued her time! If I didn’t have the opportunity to talk extensively to her, I probably would not be here!”
Randi Nelms
Albuquerque, NM

“This course is very educational! I have some mammo experience, but still found this Course very interesting! I learned a lot! I can’t wait to come back just for CE’s! Thank you!  You were awesome!!”
Frances Johnson
Pounding Mill, VA

“This program is great!  I learned a lot!  The instructors were very helpful and knew just the right answers for every question we had.  I LOVED being here!”
Anahit Alaverdyan
Glendale, CA

“Shelly and Kathy are fabulous teachers!  I was so afraid of coming here, not knowing anything about mammo, but it has just been 3 days and it is amazing how much I have learned in just 3 days!  Shelly is so good describing everything and Kathy has a lot of visual aids that really help too.  Overall it is an awesome class and experience!  I would highly recommend it!!”
Kelli Tackett
Gulfport, MS

“Very good instruction and fun way to deliver material.  I am so glad I chose Achieving Quality Imaging!  I will definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in mammography!”
Brooke West
San Marcos, CA

“The class was very interesting.  I was able to follow along easily.  The mammo course made me want to do mammo’s more.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!”
Lynsie Cross
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“AQI is an EXCELLENT program! You are looked after during the course and even after class hours!  Opportunity to meet others in the radiology world.  Kathy has a great, clear explanation about ARRT and CA requirements.  Shelly has a great sense of humor and explanation to ALL questions.  She is extremely patient!”
Tiffany Dong
San Bruno, CA

“Great training course!   Very educational, yet fun! Would highly recommend to others!”
Alissa Mullen
Fontanta, CA

“What a wonderful course!  Very well organized and very informative!  The training aids and pictures were very helpful and the instructors were great with answering questions.  I loved it!  Shelly is great at breaking down information to where it is easy to understand. I really benefit from her use of visual aids and answering of questions.  Kathy was wonderful and very entertaining!”
Becky Marsh
Virginia Beach, VA

“Best conference I have attended!! Great teachers and fun atmosphere! Very informative and good hands on experience! Very helpful with understanding rules/regulations and how to get certified!  Thank you!!”
Lauren Frank
Sumas, WA

“Achieving Quality Imaging is an amazing and informative course! Shelly’s knowledge and clear explanations combined with Kathy’s expertise and infectious enthusiasm were the perfect combination to make all of the women fully prepared and even excited to enter the field of mammography! Both ladies did a wonderful job presenting and explaining information!  You guys rock!!”
Jamie Carter
Las Vegas, NV

“This course was very informative! Kathy, Shelly, Ana and Robin do a great job explaining all the material.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing mammography!  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course!!”
Bobbi Bailey
Winchester, VA

“I feel more confident that I will pass the boards after taking this course.  I also purchased a mock exam that will help even more. I wouldn’t be able to do my 25 supervised comps scheduled for next week, without this course.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to further my career in mammography!”
Alycia Dooley
Sunnyvale, CA

“Great, wonderful seminar!!!  Had a blast and I’m leaving here feeling confident I will pass my state and ARRT exam!!”
Marlene Apacible
Yucaipa, CA

“Everything about these presentations are so useful.  The instructors do an amazing job at keeping audience engaged and focused on topics.  Nice presentations with slides and extra fun material in the lectures as well!”
Shara Sullivan
Billings, MT

“Kathy and Shelly make learning fun!!  I LOVED the hands on training! I’ve never stepped into a mammography department and am leaving prepared to start my future as a mammographer!”
Stephanie Mikelson
Spokane, WA

“I am so impressed with how Shelly and Kathy can simplify difficult concepts without hesitation.  They have engulfed this topic into structure, visuals and humor. The study materials are superior to any others I have received!”
Kate Kubacki
Carlsbad, CA

“These ladies really know their stuff! They made learning fun!  At the end you realize how much you learned but didn’t have to struggle to pay attention!  Thanks!!
Shayla Clark
Estes Park, CO

“I loved every minute of this program.  It was amazing! Kathy and Shelly are extraordinary instructors!  They make the class easy to follow and teach you everything you need to know to go into the mammography world.  I wish the class was longer!
Thank you!”
Elena Jimenez
Los Angeles, CA

“This was a fantastic seminar!  The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly covered the information for the ARRT mammography exam.  They are extremely passionate in what they are doing.  I would highly recommend this course!"
Margo Kaster
Gilbert, AZ

“I have felt very welcome at this seminar.  I never knew there was so much to know about mammography and I was impressed with the presentations.  I really feel that the teachers successfully delivered the key points in mammography to help us get ready for the boards.”
Stephanie Christianson
Orem, UT

“This was a very informative course!  I love how all of the instructors are so passionate about mammography. I would highly recommend this course to others!”
Jacie Belgarde
Rolla, ND

“With this course I feel much more prepared to sit for the mammography exam.  The information given has been a useful tool that I can take back home to study.  This course will help me accomplish my goals of reaching out to society by making a difference in my community as a licensed mammographer!”
Katherine Brantley
Hot Springs, AR

“I loved the seminar!  A lot of information was taught in just five days!  The instructors are great and knowledgeable.  Kathy is very helpful and funny, she made the classes fun. Shelly’s trivia was very educational!  Thank you ladies!!”
Tracy Larroza
San Diego, CA

“Very informative!  I learned more than I thought I would and it was fun! Thank you for letting us know what is required before we apply and take the test. Very helpful!”
Cassie Konopka
Arlington, WA

“The hands-on workshop was even more than I hoped for!  I feel much more comfortable going into my first exam with my supervisor!  Thank you for the extra time given to each of us as we needed!”
Kimberley Poole
San Diego, CA

“I came to this training seminar not knowing anything about mammo.  Leaving here I feel a lot more confident about taking the registry and becoming a mammographer.  The girls here and the instructors are all awesome!”
Casey Nair
Miami, OK

“The course was very informative and all the instructors are passionate about saving lives!  They are a very caring group!  Thank you!”
Edna Bui
San Diego, CA

“I had such a great time this week!  I learned so much in a fun environment and met some really great people!  Thank you!”
Crystal Wilcox
Tucson, AZ

“I truly enjoyed this experience with your group.  The instructors were so nice and inviting!  They made us all feel like individuals not just a large group of people.  I will definitely recommend this program to anyone getting in to mammography!”
Kayla Vaughn-Sharp
Hot Springs, AK

“This has been the most informative seminar I have ever been to!  The presenters were very knowledgeable and able to answer any and all questions.  I would definitely recommend this program to other future mammography techs!”
St. Joseph, MO

“Great lectures!  Great instructors! Great time!  Thanks for hitting on the points we really need to know!!”
Erika Thompson
San Tan Valley, AZ

“The course is well presented, learned a lot, made new friends in a very welcoming and fun environment.  Thank so much for a great experience!”
Tracie DiBartolomeo
Pleasant Hill, CA

“Outstanding course!Very hands-on and personal.  This course has provided me with all the tools I need to be a great mammographer and ARRT prep!”
Barbara Ortega
Camp LeJeune, NC

“This was the most informative, interactive class I have ever attended!  I want to say Thank you for being so thorough!”
Pam Parrish
Rocklin, CA

“This has been a great experience for me. You have provided a lot of information in a manner that I was able to understand.  I really do feel that I learned a lot about mammography.  I also want to thank you for all the information you provided us about getting around Las Vegas and what attractions are worth seeing.  All of the effort that goes into putting this training program together definitely shows!  Thank you!!”
Maria Cornejo
Gustine, CA

“An amazing experience all around.  The best seminar/conference I have attended! Speakers keep you entertained and well informed.  I loved the warmth and over all environment!  I definitely would recommend this conference to anyone considering a career in mammography!  Thank you Kathy an Shelly!  I truly made life- long friends!!”
Crystal Melendez
Albuquerque, NM

“This was an awesome course….Shelly, Kathy, and Dr. Jacobson were very knowledgeable about each aspect taught.  It was fun and would recommend this course to everyone!”
Ana Quintero
Elko, NV

“I really enjoyed this conference.  Between learning about mammography, getting prepared to further my career and all of the new people I met. I highly recommend investing in this!  We are here to help save lives so why not be more educated about it and have a little fun while doing it."
Danielle Olberding
Plymouth, NE

“The AQI conference utilizes great information along with visual-aides and humor to captivate the audience’s attention. Audience participation is a great way to understand difficult concepts that will need to be known for the registry.  I feel confident walking away knowing I understand the material that I came here to learn.  Thank you!  Looking forward to adding my “M”!
Christi Smart
Green River, WY

“Fantastic seminar!  I learned so much useful information.  The instructors were wonderful, truly passionate about their jobs and they went out of their way to make us feel comfortable.  Several friendships were made.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”
Lydia Brown
Yuma, AZ

“This course is a great way to jump start your career in the mammography field!”
LaRee Smith
Greeley, CO

"I couldn’t have picked a better course to attend.  The instructors, the lecturers, the positioning class all exceeded my expectations!  Kathy does a wonderful job making everyone feel comfortable and involved.  This was a GREAT experience…thank you!" Danielle Roman
New Middletown, OH

"Had a great time.  I feel like I learned a lot!  Kathy and Shelly’s knowledge and passion for mammography make me want to be a better tech!"
Kathleen Graham 
Warren, OH 

"Great program!  Kathy did a wonderful job of making everyone feel like a group of old friends!  Everyone is so friendly, from the group to the hotel staff!"
Patricia Krutiak
Adams, MA

"Wonderful conference!  Amazing instructors!  Thanks a bunch!!"
Jessica Daniels
Macclenny, FL

"Amazing conference! Extremely informative, feel completely prepared to venture into the world of mammography!"
Jen Tetneault
Pawtucket, RI

"The overall program was excellent!  Having done a bit of mammography, it was great to be able to put everything I had learned together and into perspective.  Kathy and Shelly were great instructors that brought mammo alive, and into the real world!"
Derecka Richardson
Nassau, Bahamas

"The instructors were awesome!  The seminar was very informative and not at all boring!  I was really nervous about having to take another registry, but am leaving here very confident and reassured that I will do well!"
Jennifer Vanderwyst
Olmsted Falls, OH

"Excellent course all the way around!  Shelly and Kathy are great speakers!  Loved it!! I would recommend it to everyone interested in mammography.  It was a very comfortable and friendly environment!  Excellent learning experience!  A great time!"
Melissa Lame
Mineral Ridge, OH

"Great conference!  Very educational!  Wonderful instructors made the whole experience an enjoyable one!"
Natalie Payne
North Scituate, RI

"Class was awesome Kathy and Shelly do a superb job of teaching!  Your class answered a lot of questions that were in the back of my head just in general about mammography.  We received a Helmsley grant and that's why my hospital is getting a machine.  There will be just two of us learning mammography and I was really nervous about all of this because neither has had mammography experience, the hospital that just bought us will be helping in this transition but I still had some nerves about the whole thing and I'm sure they will arise when our new machine actually gets put in, but you calmed my nerves for now and the Thursday after I got back from class I did 17 supervised mammograms and felt comfortable doing it."
Thanks Again,
Kari Nilson
Creighton, NE

"The information on Tomo was very informative.  It was nice to hear about the newest technology.  Very good mammo conference and what an awesome location.  It was a nice break from the North Dakota snow!"
Rolla, ND 

"Wonderful seminar and a great group of women to learn from!  Very knowledgeable and willing to share all they know.  I would definitely send co-workers to this seminar! I highly recommend it!"
Beth Sullivan
Nokomis, IL

“I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable this was for me.  I feel like I learned so much in a small amount of time and I will be able to hopefully get a job doing Mammography soon.  I am scheduled to do my supervised Mammo's next week and I am hoping that after seeing what all I learned taking your course that I will recieve a job offer.  I will keep you updated.  I wanted to tell you that this was a GREAT class.  You all are really helpful and made the learning experience alot of fun.  I met new people and made some friends that will now be people I can keep in touch with.  Thank you so much for a wonderful week and all your knowledge that you shared with us.”
Amy Loveless
Lubbock, TX

“Very informational, great study guide for registry and excellent speakers!”
Alicia Garcia
Franklin Park, IL

“This was a great course!  It was fun and interesting. (and of course informative!)
Thank you!”
Susan Moss
Melrose Park,IL

“I learned so much from this course!  Physics is always the hardest for me, but Dr. Jacobson was one of the best Physicist that I have ever had a class from.  PE’s were great, I am a better hands-on person, so thank you!”
Michelle Howell
Seoul, Korea

“One of the best seminars I’ve attended!  Very informative.  Very knowledgeable speakers!  Not boring at all!”
Lin Green
Chicago, IL

“As always a very informative and exciting seminar!  I feel like I have learned so much in such a short time.  More informative than the past MTMI seminar!” 
Thank you,
Cherie Noworyta
Farmington Hills, MI

“Great course!  This would be excellent for any technologist that is beginning mammography or that is interested in mammography in Canada or the USA!!”
Megan Marissen
Calgary, Alberta

“Fantastic Seminar! Wonderful layout and explanation of content.Definitely worth making the trip from Canada!”
Robin Evans
Calgary, Alberta

“This has been the best seminar!  The information has been taught to us so well.  I came into the program only having shadowed for 2 days of mammography.  I got so much useful information out of this class!”
Krista Owens
Brandywine, WV

“This was an amazing course!  The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and I learned so much in only 3 ½ days!  I would HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone needing mammography training!  Thank you!!”
Brittany Roehner
Tallahassee, FL 

“Love it!  I came in with no knowledge on mammography and I feel very confident leaving the seminar.  Very helpful instructors and I felt very comfortable asking any questions.”
Julie Evick
Franklin, WV

“This seminar was an excellent review for the mammo boards!  I feel prepared now to sit for my boards in the near future.  I will take this information back to my department and share with the other mammo techs!  Thank you for offering such a great review and thank you for having speakers who are so passionate about this very important topic!”
Casey Boerma
Nebraska City, NE

“I thought this seminar was very educational!  I really enjoyed it!  Well worth the money! I will be back in 3 years for continuing education!”
Jonie Anderson
Richfield, UT

“I truly enjoyed the seminar and learned over and above what I thought I would.  Achieving Quality Imaging did a great job!  I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in mammography! Thanks!”
Beth Deley
Youngstown, OH

“The seminar and speakers were great and very informative!  I have a new appreciation for breasts!  I cannot wait to start working in the field of mammography!”
Kathleen Morales
Brea, CA 

“The information I obtained over the past 4 days is amazing!  I feel much more confident as a mammo tech and I now have a new found respect and enthusiasim  to produce high Quality images for the safety of my patients.  Best thing I could have done!”
Deb Tait
Okotoks, Alberta

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning at this seminar.  All questions were answered and were also understandable!  Really enjoyed being able to enjoy the location.  Thank you for being helpful!”
Benita Hicks
Ocean Springs, MS

“This is an excellent course if you are just getting into mammography.  I feel like I’m going back to work with confidence in what I am doing.  I also see this as a good refresher for people who have been doing mammos for a while!”
Debra Gossen
Okotoks, Alberta

“This seminar was a great experience.  I learned above and beyond what I expected.  The instructors were amazing and interesting.  I can’t wait to sit for my boards!”
Stephanie Vasquez
Spring Hill, FL

“Great seminar, very informative ~ would recommend this seminar to anyone interested in mammo!  Thanks!!”
Lindy Bengtson
Freeport, FL

“I felt that this was a well organized seminar.  Instructors were knowledgeable and presented the material well.  I entered this seminar being very nervous and left feeling confident that I chose the right  modality for me.  I  feel that with more practice I can help make a difference in someone’s life.  Great job!  Well done!”
Renee Walters
Linthium, MD

“Excellent course, well worth my time and effort to attend!  The information will be invaluable to me for teaching my students!”
Josephine Ripley
Doha, Qatar

“I have been very impressed with this entire seminar!  The content is very informative, explained easily and all with a personal delivery that allows for absorption of the large content.  Thank you so much!!”
Teri Salsman
Ormond Beach, FL

I am very impressed with all aspects of this seminar.  Thank you so much!  Very organized, professional, easy to understand.  Very high on performing quality mammograms which is the whole purpose of early detection and saving lives!
Emma Acuna
Wnchester, CA

“Achieving Quality Imaging sets the standards of teaching to the highest quality in the industry of mammography.  It is apparent that the instructors are teaching not just as a career but a cause!”
Carri Evans-Farrage
La Palma, CA

“Awesome!  Very informative and helpful!  I feel prepared to take the registry and start my career as a mammo tech!”
Michelle Roy
Gonzales, LA

“Very fun and upbeat seminar!  The instructors were all great and made each subject interesting. Hands on and interactive activities made this seminar the best one I have ever attended!  Very informative!!”
Tara Freeze
Kearney, NE

“I was very very impressed!  It was a very relaxed, warm and inviting environment.  I learned a lot!  I felt like I got what I paid for.  The instructors were amazing!  The snacks helped and the personal pictures were a great way for us to get to know the speakers and feel more comfortable. I will definitely tell others about AQI.  Thanks for everything!  I’m sad it’s over!  I enjoyed myself!”
Virginia Taylor
Chicago, IL

“I enjoyed this class!  I feel that the instructors were very knowledgeable, fun and entertaining! I think that by adding the slides about their families/vacations that it lets you take a mental break. It was a smaller class, so we got to know each other quickly and have fun outside of the class also.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to make a difference in a person’s life!”
Pamela Cantiberos
Arlington, WA

“I was nervous about taking this seminar.  I was uncertain about meeting fun people, being overwhelmed with information and just staying in an unfamiliar environment.  I had my fears relieved once I got here.  I had such a great time!  I met great people and made lasting friendships!  I also learned more than I thought I would about mammography.  I am ready to get back and apply what I learned!  I am very excited also about taking care of women! Thank you!
Natalie Petrich
Hibbing, MN

“Excellent seminar!  I learned a lot in a short time frame.  All of the presenters were very good in making complex  concepts simple.  I also had a lot of fun and it was a great networking opportunity!  Would highly recommend the seminar to anyone considering a career in mammography!”
Shannon Egbert
Ft. Wayne, IN

“Excellent seminar…comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.  Program content was presented very well and was perfect for beginning and refreshing mammographers!”
Lisa Campbell
Seary, AR

“This entire week has been so wonderful and eye-opening.  I feel equipped now not only to take the test, but to also be an excellent mammography technologist!”
Tricia Miller
St. Petersburg, FL 

“Great job!  Very educational!  I have a much better understanding now!  Great learning experience!  Great speakers!  This seminar is great to help further my career!”
Candace Jarrell
Hampton, SC

“Great course that helped me to understand information and gave me a different perspective. Nice people and great instructors!  Thank you!  Would recommend to anyone!  Better than a month long class or an online course!”
Lindsie Stetson
Estes Park, CO

“Absolutely wonderful seminar!  I feel like I am a very informed mammographer through this course!  I am very confident that I will be able to pass the registry, given all the information we received.  Thank you so much for making this seminar so much fun! Great job instructors!!!”
Tonya Gilbert
Gulf Shores, AL

“Extremely helpful and fun!  Instructors very knowledgeable and presented the info in a manner that was easily understood.  I would not hesitate to recommend this program!”
Diane Vaudreuil
Smithfield, RI

“To be totally honest, I thought it was going to be difficult for me to sit for so long.  However, this seminar was set up so well that it kept my attention! It taught me so many new things and gave the confidence to go forward into a career in mammography!  Thank you so much!”
Susan Kawaiaea
Las Vegas, NV

“This was a great seminar!!!  I am very confident that I can go home, be a great mammo tech and pass the boards!  I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to go into the
mammography world!”
Brandy Sixkiller
Craig, CO 

“Even though I have been a mammographer since 1991, I found this class to be very informative! Some things have changed and it was a great refresher .  The instructors also reinforced why we do this, to save women’s lives!  That is always good to be reminded of!  It is also very nice to be surrounded by so many “fresh minds” and meet so many interesting people, who all have one common goal.  Thank you!”
Lori Oppici
Paterson, NJ 

“This seminar was excellent!  It was so worth my time and money!  Everyone was great!  I really enjoyed it. This seminar has prepared me for my boards.  I really would love to do the seminar again sometime.  It was so beneficial.  Thank you for everything!”
Kristi Jacobs
West Grove, PA 

“This is an amazing seminar and I would recommend it to everyone!  I am really glad that I came!  I would definitely take it again, if I ever need to!”
Reena Choksi
Elizabeth, NJ 

“Wonderful seminar for first time attendee or someone who has been in the field for a period of time.  Very thorough and made sure everyone understood what the material was about before continuing on.  Fabulous instructors made the course fun! “
Virginia Halabin
Sault St. Marie, MI

“What a well put together week of information!  It really is unbelievable how much I have learned insuch a short amount of time!  It was far from boring!  The instructors made it fun and exciting to learn.  My confidence level has also become much higher.  I feel like I can go home and be confident in all I have learned this week!”
Kelly VanVuren
Wheatfield, IN

“I came here knowing as much as I thought I could possibly know about mammography. I came out learning more about it than I ever thought possible!  This is a fun and enjoyable seminar with great instructors and great people.  Overall a wonderful enlightening experience! I would recommend for anyone wanting to have a thorough understanding and fun mammography course!”
Lyndsay Sprague
Odenton, MD 

“Excellent seminar!! Would recommend seminar to all new and old mammo techs.  Really enjoyed the location as well.  All instructors were very knowledgeable and had great sense of humor.  Present well and organized.”
Kristina Brooks
Newport, WA

“Very useful materials, even though it is condensed for 3 ½ days.  It is such a fun, loving class. I am happy with all of the instructors.  They are all very knowledgeable.”
Julia Vuong
Rosemead, CA

“The seminar is very organized!  Information was great and all the presenters are wonderful and entertaining!”
Jenny Bissell
North Hollywood, CA

“The seminar was very informative.  I came in knowing next to nothing about mammography and positioning and now feel like I can go in and begin taking mammos!  Instructors were very informative, helpful and entertaining!”
Desiree Maggard
Pullman, WA

“Great seminar!  I learned a lot and all of the instructors made the lectures fun and entertaining! I’m excited to be in the mammography field!”
Michelle Shakespear
Las Vegas, NV

"I took the Mammography course back in January and I just found out that I passed the Mammography Registry with a 92%. Thank you for such a great course and review materials. I couldn't have done it without them. I am really looking forward to my new career!"
Christy Merritt RT (R)(M)  (I love writing that)                            
Fort Worth, TX

“I was truly amazed at the wealth of information and quality of material covered.  I would definitely recommend this seminar, even for senior technologists.”
Sherry Henderson
Tampa, FL

“The seminar was fantastic.  The material couldn’t have been presented any better!  I really enjoyed it.”
Christy Vincent
New Port Richey, FL

“This is the best seminar there ever could be.  It couldn’t have gone any better.”
Kathleen Tudor
Crawfordville, FL

“An educational yet interesting experience!  Absolutely a must for initial mammography training. The speakers are highly knowledgeable and motivational.”
Wendy Waters
Fort Myers, FL

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to pursue a career in mammography.  The speakers are interesting and well educated.  Kathy, Shelly and Don were awesome!”
Janet Truman
Big Flats, NY

“Speakers were knowledgeable, prepared, and made the seminar interesting!  I cannot wait to start doing mammography!”
Vikki Ryder
Greenville, ME

“When I arrived for class, I wasn’t really sure if I really wanted to do mammos.  Now I am very inspired to play an active role in the early detection of breast cancer!”
Kathie Spalla
Melbourne, FL

“I learned a lot more about mammography than I knew existed.  I didn’t realize the extent and depth of study required.  Thanks for a great course!”
Linda Zale
St. Petersburg, FL

“Awesome, Excellent, A+++!  No doubt, I will pass registry.  I am motivated to help beat the breast cancer demon!”
Trena Mistretta
St. Petersburg, FL

“A true gift to the RT.”
Florence Nunziata
St. Petersburg, FL

“The seminar answered questions that senior mammographers leave out, because positioning is second nature for them.  Thank you so much for the great seminar.  I learned so much.”
Christy Allen
Vidalia, GA

“Excellent!  Good instructors!  Everything was excellent!”
Maria Santiago
St. Croix, VI

“This was such a great experience.  Extremely informative.  I had a lot of fun!”
Jennifer Wattman
Anderson, MO

“This seminar was amazing!  Very well organized, every need was met.  Kathy went above and beyond!  Kathy, Jeanette and Don made a wonderful team!  I rate it 5 stars!”
Autumn Cobb
Carthage, NY

“I have been to several seminars, but this seminar was the best so far.  It was well organized and
educational.  Everything you need to know.  The speakers were excellent and went that extra mile!  Kudos!!”
Theresa Sweeney
Silver Springs, MD

“This seminar was exceptional!  As a new graduate from x-ray school, this course was thorough, fun and completely comprehensive!”
Jennifer Caban
Holmdel, NY

“The speakers were wonderful, full of passion in the field of mammography.  Filling the minds of our future mammographer’s so we were bursting with knowledge! “
Heather Morrison
Bayonne, NJ

“Very informative, best seminar I’ve been to.  All the speakers were excellent and down to earth.
Great preparation for the registry exam.  Thank you for a wonderful time!”
Jennifer Douglas
Gloucester, VA

“The seminar went above and beyond my expectations.  It was a blend of precise professionalism, a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences, with a huge comfort level, due to the instructor’s
great personalities!”
Mary Grace Walsh
Titusville, NJ

“This was a wonderful seminar.  It was not only informative, but interesting as well.  All the instructors were very engaging and enthusiastic.”
Samantha Tropp
Jackson, NJ

“The seminar was full of useful information.  The instructor’s lectures were tailored with specific examples and visual aides.  All questions were answered.  The positioning workshop reinforced everything that was discussed and we were able to apply the knowledge by simulating a real mammogram.  The instructors offered helpful techniques and critiqued us individually.  Overall,
it was a great experience!”
Christine Cook
Ocean City, MD

“I was very pleased with the entire course.  Thanks for providing this service to us.  Well worth every penny ~ I would be pleased even if I had to pay myself!”
Patricia Stone
Amityville, NY

“The seminar was excellent.  Not only did I learn a lot, but also the speakers made it easy and were especially personal and friendly.  I couldn’t have had a better experience!”
Lynn Cox
Hamilton, NJ

“The seminar was a wonderful experience.  The teachers took the time to make us feel comfortable.  Information was presented in a very down to earth way.  Thank you!”
Tessie Savage
Unityville, PA

“Was very impressed with the seminar.  Well organized, informative and fun, all at the same time.  Best I’ve been to.  All teachers did an excellent job!”
Lori Wolfe
Berwick, PA

“This is a great comprehensive course to become a qualified mammographer, also a great review for seasoned mammographers! “
Eileen Lynaugh
Gloversville, NY

“Loved the seminar ~ very thorough and well presented.  The speakers were excellent ~ so knowledgeable and so down to earth.  The workshops really tied everything together.”
Barb Augustine
Manahawkin, NJ

“Your passion and dedication has inspired me!  This conference has confirmed the importance of mammography!”
Lori Cramer
Middletown, NY

“I truly enjoyed the 3 ½ days ~ very informative and many helpful hints/tips were given.  I would highly recommend!”
Rhonda Moscatiello
Bayonne, NJ

“The seminar was fabulous!  All of the speakers were phenomenal!  I look forward to attending another AQI seminar in the future! “
Adena Falkenhagen
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

“Very intelligent and experienced speakers.  I felt like they really knew what they were talking about and more importantly, that they cared about the cause.  They seem to love what they do and it is inspiring!”
Christy Hoots
Jacksonville, IL

“I thought everyone was very knowledgeable and informative.  You made difficult subjects fun!”
Julia Moore
Nickerson, KS

“Very good, informative and helpful.  All three speakers kept me interested the whole time.  I would definitely recommend this course!”
Linda Herzog
Makinen, MN

“I left the seminar feeling a lot more confident about the field.  I feel very ready for the boards and really feel like I can make a difference in fighting breast disease.”
Laura Barnes
Custar, OH

“The seminar was wonderful.  The instructors really know their stuff and they are so approachable.  Their knowledge of mammography and their enthusiasm for mammography has really inspired me.  I would recommend this seminar for both beginners and for techs who have been in the field for years who want a refresher.”
Christy Ledgerwood
Lincoln, NE

“Very informative and eye opening.  I felt like a whole world was opened up to me in 3 ½ days.  The best seminar I have been to.”
Candice Miles
Monticello, IN

“I will definitely recommend AQI to any of my friends wanting to train in mammography.  Thank you for all of the information.  I had a great time!”
Michelle Whitmer
Crestline, OH

“Great seminar!  Very helpful information.  The instructors are top of the line!  Not only do they do wonderful classes, but they do it with enthusiasm and passion.”
Kim Hilzer
Gering, NE

“All the instructors were great.  Interesting and entertaining at the same time.  All teachers were very knowledgeable and approachable.”
Dana Clark
Richland, WA

“Extremely well organized ~ very knowledgeable instructors, very enthusiastic about the program.”
Paul Simpson
Carson City, NV

“Everything was great!  So much information was presented, but it was given in a way that was easy to understand and retain.  Thank you!”
Shelley Neill
Reno, NV

“This was an excellent and very informative seminar.  All of the speakers were knowledgeable and very passionate about what they do.  I would highly recommend this course.”
Amy Nehl
Worland, WY

“Great information!!  Great instructors!!  These people make the conference!”
Kelly Heard
Kearney, NE

“Excellent!  Well presented, well planned, enthusiastic and interesting speakers.  Everyone involved with the seminar was friendly and professional.  I can’t say enough positive things about the whole experience!  I will recommend this to anyone interested in becoming a mammo tech!”
Alisa Siegel
Los Angeles, CA

“Everyone was helpful, pleasant, prepared and informative.  Excellent!”
Carmen Hill
Pearblossom, CA

“Thank you for the wonderful way you and your staff presented the information in our seminar.  I had no trouble at all when I took the Mammography Registry last spring.  I passed with flying colors and I know it had a lot to do with having my information so well organized and easy to study from.   Thanks again!”
Diane Van Bemmel
Orlando, FL

“This conference is awesome, well organized, completely covering all aspects of basic breast imaging, as well as advanced imaging.  It prepares you for the registry.  The faculty are outstanding, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, treating you like “family”.  Their goal is to teach you to do the very best breast imaging for every patient, and they accomplish it.  You will leave this conference with a sense of pride that you can go back to your job and give to your patients the best quality images for making early detection diagnosis.  If you are planning to train your technologist to become mammographers it’s an absolute must for them to attend this conference!””
Elna Pachero
Key Largo, FL

“The three wonderful people involved in teaching this program made it all worthwhile, enjoyable and something to look forward to each day.  I feel like I was given the information that I need to make me a confident mammo tech and also I feel like I will be able to pass the registry.  They also gave me new information that I can take back and share with my coworkers.  I hope to meet these people again in the future someday.  Thank you so much for making learning fun and exciting!!”
Rena Stanfill
Cleveland, GA

“This has been a wonderful seminar.  I never knew I could learn so much in such a short period
of time.  Thank you for keeping it interesting.”
Jennifer Zis
Charlotte Hall, MD

“Continue giving these seminar.  I learned a great deal!  I will always recommend this seminar.
A great 1st experience with Achieving Quality Imaging!”
Natalie Ali
Brooklyn, NY

“Thoroughly enjoyable, informative and most importantly an excellent preparatory class for taking the board exam!”
Rachel Young
Burlington Court, CT

“A great seminar!  I would recommend it to anyone interested in the mammo field!”
Stephanie McCloskey
Plant City, FL

“I have been a mammographer for 5 years.  I learned information that I never knew.  All of the information was presented in a fun and easy to understand format.”
Sonja Grissom
Anniston, AL

“This was more informative than I could have imagined!  Time during classes was very well spent.  The instructors are extremely thorough and well presented.”
Donna Beach
Walterboro, SC

“I thought this was an amazing amount of quality information in a short time.  I feel like I learned more in these three/four days than I’ve learned in a semester of study.  Well designed, well organized!  The hospitality and facility were an added bonus.  What an appropriate name for your company!!  Thank you!”
Donna Kimrey, Director of Radiology, Community College of Denver
Centennial, CO

“Absolutely worth every minute and penny, and then some!  Enjoyable!  Totally educational seminar.  Top of the line instructors who are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and take great interest presenting the most relevant material in mammography.  Highly recommend this course!”
Rebecca Smith
Iron, MN

“I absolutely loved the class.  It was wonderful.  I learned a lot!  It was definitely worth my time and money!”
Kelly Bear
Westlake Village, CA

“Great!  Thank you sooo very much for a great start to a lifelong, meaningful career.  I feel very well prepared….”
Rhonda Kuhns
Grant, MI

“I actually had fun!  This seminar was unlike any other!  Thanks for making our initial mammo training so enjoyable!”
Kaitlyn Altman
Albuquerque, NM

“Exceptional.  Amazing wealth of information.  All speakers were wonderful and enthusiastic.
It is so nice to see and listen to people so excited about mammography.  Don’t change a thing ~
Keep up the good work!”
Rachell Emory
Harmony, NC

“Everything was wonderful!  The instructors were down to earth, easy to understand, and approachable. Each class moved at a good pace. All of the little hints, suggestions and insights from experienced professionals are what could make the difference between becoming a good mammographer and a great mammographer!!”
Joy Kunzmann
Nashville, TN

“Very informative.  The speakers kept every subject interesting and the days lively.  Great job on the best seminar I have been to in 15 years!”
Jenni Byrne
Middle Point, OH

“This was the best educational experience.  All of the instructors are very enthusiastic about mammography and their level of compassion is too much for me to express in words.  I would gladly participate in any other future seminars that Achieving Quality Imaging offers!”
Latisha Jeffries
Cleveland, OH

“Far exceeded my expectations.  Instructors so educated and well spoken.  I was impressed at how nice everyone was.  Very enjoyable atmosphere.  Would definitely recommend to people interested in mamms.  Excellent!”
Nichole Bruno
Parma, OH

“This was a great experience!  Great job at getting a ton of information fit into a small amount of time without the feeling of being rushed.  One of the most educational seminars I have ever been to – but fun at the same time!  Thanks!”
Brooke Coughlin
Billings, MT

“Fantastic course! I feel fully prepared for the mammo boards now.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a good, well-educated mammographer.  Kathy and Jeanette are awesome!”
Robyn Langlois
Sanford, ME

“Could not have been blessed with a better experience!  Classes enabled me to appreciate the importance of every step to take and needed, not only to get the best quality image, but to help save lives!  Walk in with fear and anxiety – walk away with inspiration and desire!”
Helene Dusendang
Grand Rapids, MI

“This was one of the best seminars I have ever attended!  Kathy and Jeanette did a fantastic job keeping it informative yet fun.  Thank you for this experience!”
Lisa Zike
Seymour, IN

“The instructors were very knowledgable, professional and present a lot of information for a 3 ½ day seminar.  Now I can also be a part of the chain that saves lives!”
Pat Bargas
Oak Forest, IL

“Very impressed with the quality of the course.  It covered all areas.  Informative and interesting.  AQI was very receptive to any need and request, with a smile!”
JoAnn Kentgen
Algonquin, IL

“Achieving Quality Imaging has a lot of good, useful information and delivers it in a way that is easy to understand.  The instructors genuinely enjoy their profession and contribution to the early detection of breast cancer.  They have instilled the importance of striving to do the best in me!”
Deborah Arrington
Port Richey, FL
(2/08 Vegas)

“I came to this seminar with zero knowledge of mammography and I’m taking home a wealth of information and confidence!  I feel like I can readily enter the “mammo room” and comfortably perform an exam and be able to answer my patients questions and put them at ease and leave with a sense of well being knowing that they made the right choice in taking care of their health by having yearly exams.”
Gayla Staker
Heyburn, ID
(2/08 Vegas)

“As a new tech just starting out with no experience in mammography, I found this seminar to be extremely helpful and informative.  I feel I have a great start on a new career!”
Rachel Schmitt
Denver, CO
(2/08 Vegas)

“This class was VERY informative!  When I go back to my hospital, I know I will be able to understand fully what all is going on.  Thank you to everyone involved!”
Stephanie Cranfield
Hemmer, OK
(2/08 Vegas)

“Having never been around mammograms at all, I feel very fortunate to have come to this seminar.  I have learned so much over such a short time!  All the instructors were great, very clear with the information.  I truly looked forward to coming each morning.  Very, Very pleased and grateful!”
Lauri Kane
Palm Harbor, FL
(2/08 Vegas)

“Excellent job with presenters.  Coming from a small facility it was nice to have many different perspectives as far as all aspects are concerned: QC, positioning and communication.
Thank you!!”
Joella Nollette
Gregory, SD
(2/08 Vegas)

“The whole seminar was wonderful, very informative but not drawn out.  Never did I get bored with what was being discussed.  I would recommend this seminar to everyone!”
Ally Williams
Las Cruces, NM
(2/08 Vegas)

“The best mammography seminar ever attended!  Much needed education and knowledge delivered in a manner that was understandable in an interesting way for the new mammographer and the most experienced technologist!” 
Susan Neal
Aiea, HI
(2/08 Vegas)

“Thank you for all of the wonderful information.  I feel confident to return and begin mammograms.  The instructors were very knowledgeable in all aspects of their field.  I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone planning to become a mammographer.  Thank you for the snacks, the laughs and the knowledge!”
Kimberly Corbino
Tulsa, OK
(5/08 Chg)

“Fantastic learning experience, I am thrilled that I attended.  I learned everything that I need
for the mammography registry.”
Virginia Minick
Vail, CO
(5/08 Chg)

“This seminar was worth every penny!  I was never bored and I’ve learned so many things.  Speakers were very interesting and entertaining!  I can’t say enough about this class – Thank you!”
Julie Haage
Ottawa, IL
(5/08 Chg)

“All of the instructors were extremely friendly.  They helped to make everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed.  The material was covered in a way that was not boring, but rather interesting.  I like that the class always ended on a positive note…very motivating!  The usage of props was great!  Very helpful learning tool!”
Jacklyn Boarman
Waldorf, MD
(3/08, Wash DC)

“This was a very enjoyable and informative seminar.  The interactions between all participants was wonderful.  Meeting people from all over the country and swapping stories about work was great!” 
Terri King
Salisbury, MD
(3/08, Wash DC)

“A well put together, organized and professional seminar with knowledgeable and caring instructors.”  I highly recommend it!”
Paula Justis
Midlothian, VA
(3/08, Wash DC)

“This was an absolute wonderful seminar.  All instructors were great.  I would highly recommend it.  Didn’t know what to expect but was greatly impressed by such friendly, knowledgeable people.  Couldn’t ask for anything else.  Thanks for a wonderful experience!”
Sharon Vicari
Monroeville, NJ
(3/08, Wash DC)

“A wonderful experience!  Not only was the program great at educating us, it also was accommodating to travelers!”
Jaimie Cifelli
Croydon, PA
(3/08, Wash DC)

“This course was excellent!  Very informative and easy to understand.  I’d recommend it to everyone, even if it’s for a refresher to take the registry.  Thank you!!”
Olga Khaimsky
Silver Spring, MD
(6/08, LV)

“I really appreciate how quickly you responded to suggestions, even after doing your seminars for years.  You are all my definition of a mammo dream team!”
Anna Marie Spenner
Ramona, CA
(6/08, LV)

“I loved the seminar!!!  I learned so much I can’t imagine going into mammography without attending this course!  I feel so confident that I can be a great mammo tech with the information and tools I have obtained in the past few days!  Thanks again!”
Lorrie Mendez
Las Vegas, NV
(6/08, LV)

“This was a great seminar!  The instructors were great.  They were very friendly and easy to talk with.  I really learned a lot.  I am very glad I came.  I met a good group of women who all enjoyed having fun.  I would definitely suggest this seminar to anyone wanting to become a mammo tech!”
Denise Black
Gridley, CA
(6/08, LV)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  You’re all great at what you do!  There’s lots of information to absorb, but every bit of it is so helpful in understanding the importance of our duties and responsibilities in mammography.  But most importantly, in saving a life!”
Jessica Moreno
Tucson, AZ
(6/08, LV)

“Excellent seminar!  All the speakers were fantastic instructors!  I feel like the whole seminar was well planned and well organized.  I know I will be well prepared for my boards.  Thanks for such a great job!”
Charlotte Campbell
West Jordan, UT
(6/08, LV)

This has been an enjoyable as well as educational experience.  I feel like I have learned a lot.  This has been a great learning experience.
Grace Vellarta
Fredonia, KS

I am so happy that I chose to attend this seminar for my initial training.  All the speakers really enjoy teaching and it shows in their approach.  Thank you!
Andrea Webster
Lewiston, ID

Absolutely quality teaching w/a dose of fun and great people to meet while learning such a amazing technology.  This class was a great experience, excellently coordinated with superb teachers.
Claudia Camarena
Sacramento, CA

The class was informative and made me feel more sure of myself.  I will be going home and starting mammos on Monday!
Amy Bunyard
Fall River, KS

It has been an abundance of helpful information.  I am leaving here highly motivated to strive for excellence as a mammographer.  We are entering a vital aspect of this field where we can, and will, save lives.  What an honor to genuinely make a difference.  Thank you for everything.
Kristy Ariotti
Boulder City, NV

I was very satisfied with the seminar.  Beyond all the valuable information from the Jeanette, Kathy and Don, there were the personal stories that helped you relate to situations.  When I arrived I was very nervous but I left with a new attitude.  I really want to be the best in my field!
Tami Brown-Frost
Ephrata, Wa

Had a great experience.  One f the best seminars I have ever been to.  Very knowledgeable instructors.
Katie Joseph
Page, AZ

This seminar was well worth her money & time!  I’ve  learned so much & I’m anxious to use these applications in my department.
Kellee Morgan
Lovell, WY

This seminar was great. I had a lot of fun and felt very accommodated and well taken care of.  I definitely learned a lot!
Stephanie Duran
Las Cruces, NM

This was an excellent seminar.  I have been to others and I wasn’t expecting this one to be so nice.  I have never been excited to attend a seminar each day.  All presenters were very informative, personable and enthusiastic about everything.  That was very helpful in making everyone comfortable & receptive.  Sorry to see the seminar end!
Talesha Lewis
Brandywine, MD

I thought the results of the program stand true to it’s title, Achieving Quality.  This program gives you quality information to achieve your (M) for passing the boards!
Jessica Aversa
Clinton, NJ

The instructors were extremely knowledgeable.  Each instructor was sensitive to the needs of all attending, making sure that everyone had a good understanding of the information presented.  I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in becoming a mammographer to attend this course.
Alison Granara
Rowley, MA